Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Played volleyball on the beach today. Ran into Dan Kiernen, who was playing on another court. I should have signed up at the beginning of the season. It should be no problem getting there after work. Went out to Duffy's afterward. No word from Rami... I guess he's not in town.

Got harped on by Mark pretty bad: something about my best friend's girlfriend. Could be he's just jealous? :-) I wasn't expecting such an onslaught from him. I think he was trying to get a reaction. Years of training against my brother allows me to maintain a calm demeanor under such fire.

Duffy's was good. Three dollar plates of wings made up for six dollar Hacker Pschorr's.

Got a call from my Mom rather late. Talked on the phone and then stopped by her house and chatted till after 11pm. She's missing my Dad who is on vacation, and is getting bummed about the amount of work around the house she is doing.


Blogger ramen p noodle said...

=( sorry couldn't make it today, i'll call u on tursday

11:49 PM  
Blogger Equipo said...

He was looking for a reaction and trying to create drama; I've learned that keeping my cool (and ignoring him) improves my happiness and helps maintain a longer term friendship.

You did well to remain composed. And here's to Hacker Pschorr!

12:10 PM  

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